In 2019/2020, EM-TRAC will move in to the new campus building Mosae Vita. At Mosae Vita customers will get access to more space and facilities. Even then, flexibility is the main thread. 

Experience health at Mosae Vita
If you visit the area surrounding the Maastricht UMC + in 2020, you can not miss Mosae Vita and hopefully you can not resist the temptation to come inside. That is exactly what we want to achieve: to create an open and welcoming environment where you can meet all parties concerned with 'healthy living'.

A good health is on top of everyone's wish list. However, there is yet a lot to win. We are getting older, but we also develop more and more chronic diseases. South Limburg is the Dutch leader when it comes to obesity, cancer, lung disease and heart disease. Nothing to be proud of, but a good reason to make prevention a priority. And by that, making the Limburg population healthier. South Limburg is the Dutch leader when it comes to that too.

Mosae Vita is an innovative platform that focuses on three pillars: lifestyle, healthy food and exercise. Together with care providers, scientists and businesses you can experience your health and contribute to the development of innovative products and services that help you live a conscious healthy life.

In Mosae Vita there is already a lot of cooperation, but after 2017/2018 the concept gets a physical location when the construction of the center has been completed. The building is right next to the Maastricht UMC + and is centrally located on the Maastricht Health Campus. Integrated working on health is optimally facilitated.

You can visit the center for information, leisure, to be active, participate in scientific research and become acquainted with the knowledge and skills of the Maastricht UMC+ in an interactive way. Mosae Vita offers visitors the keystones for a healthy life. Mosae Vita will be known as the place for prevention, innovation, experience, education, growth and awareness. A personal and accessible meeting place that is home to a healthy lifestyle in South Limburg.

For further information please visit the website of  Mosae Vita.








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