EM-TRAC is an independent foundation established by Maastricht University Medical Center+ (Maastricht UMC+). It is equipped for theoretical and hands-on education and training. EM-TRAC is suitable for training within the industry, medical institutions and individual masterclasses in the medical fields. EM-TRAC has a teaching auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art devices for interactive education, as well as six fully-equiped practice labs, all of which can be rented flexibly with equipment, devices and expert assistance as required.

Vission, Mission and Objective
The increasing rate of change in technological and scientific capabilities and insights in the medical profession is driving an increasing need for ongoing education and training of care professionals (doctors, nurses and paramedics). Care clients have a right to safe, effective, and efficient health care. EM-TRAC's mission is to maximally facilitate the basic conditions for safe education. EM-TRAC's goal is to use education and training to maximize effectiveness and efficiency in health care while increasing patient safety.

For whom?
EM-TRAC facilitates spaces for four different customer groups, namely: 
. National- and International trade unions
. Medical Indystry
. Masterclasses, congresses
. Third parties that conribute to the objectives of EM-TRAC

EM-TRAC is intended for healthcare staff who have sucessfuly completed their training and are working as healthcare professionals.
. Medical specialists
. Device technicians
. Paramedics
. Nursing specialist



Travel & Hospitality
Users of the European Medical TRAining Center can have all their needs fully taken care of. The office management of EM-TRAC can arrange flights to and from local aiports, transfers to Maastricht, and any hotel accommodations and meals required. Organized sightseeing in the area is also available.

Do you wish to receive more information on the different options of Travel & Hospitality please contact us at info@em-trac.org or by phone +31 (0) 43 387 27 70.

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